Bam! with a side of BAM!

We have been waiting several weeks for final numbers after our amazing Inaugural Event: Change For FIN - A Celebration of Hope. We had so much community support leading up to our big day - donations from many local grocers, commitments from community musicians, volunteers to help out with anything we needed, silent auction items, more bake sale and cake raffle items than we could count! We had expectations and goals for our fundraiser but we never guessed that we would exceed them. As a community, it is our responsibility to ensure that children are safe and free from violence. In the event that such a horrific action takes place, we need to provide them with a wrap-around service that not only ensures they are not revictimized through a justice system process but also give them the advocacy and support that is currently largely unavailable to families in our community. Change For FIN is committed to this cause. We will provide children and their non-offending caregivers with the support and compassion they deserve while ensuring that their needs and rights are respected. And the success of our fundraiser has clearly proven to us just how many people believe in our initiative, just how many of you are dedicated to changing the experience for children who have been abused, just how many of you are ready to listen to the real life stories of families that have endured abuse. And a drum roll please..... Our grand total was $22,000 - three times what we were hoping to raise to cover the costs of our feasibility study!!! We can now look at providing services and advocacy to families, cover operational costs and so much more. Our 2nd Inaugural Event - Change For FIN - A Celebration of Hope has been booked for June 10, 2017 at Lake Ontario Park. We have partnered with the Guardians of the Children Kingston for their annual Poker Run and are already looking forward to another incredible day! Thank you to each and everyone of you who participated in any way on June 18th. Much love from all of us who have been fighting this fight for far too long and stay tuned for future events and fundraisers!

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