Just A Number

It's my birthday today and I had big plans for this blog. But they are on hold for a few more days while I wait for a green light. Birthdays are just numbers, so they say...so while I wait, I'll go with this numbers theme. #1942975. It's just a number but it is a lifeline for me, a rope to reach for, a hope to cling to, a reason to believe that change can happen and that this tragedy, our story, will be the driving force to see it through. 879. The number of days since my life changed with a bump in the night. 879 days that have caused me to question a decade of my life, shattered my faith in human kind, forced me to face demons I never knew existed. 879. These days have also brought me the strength of a village I never knew I needed, allowed me to heal with my children by my side, enabled me to embrace the love that surrounded us in our darkest hours, opened my eyes to beauty and good in this world again. 4. The babes I have brought into this world breathing and full of life. The children I will continue to fight and advocate for in whatever way I can. 4 children that need to matter and whose voices need to be heard. 38. Professionals that have been in our lives since this journey started. 38 people that I have had to expose my life to, that have heard my darkest secrets, seen my ugliest tears, listened to my pleas for help. 38 people who have accomplished little of what they set out to accomplish for my family, with no apology. 1. What it will take for you to support us: 1 phone call, 1 shared post, 1 email. 1. Do something. There are big plans on the horizon for Change For FIN, plans that are full of hope and promise for others coming behind us on this road - stay tuned!

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