Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of area residents, sponsors, and partners, sufficient funds have been raised to conduct a feasibility study for a Child & Youth Advocacy Centre or Child Protection Centre in Kingston. The study includes a thorough needs assessment; a readiness assessment, including an analysis of existing and new resources required to support the centre; the review of all advocacy models that may be utilized to best serve this area; an estimate of costs; and identification of sustainable funding.


Anticipated Goals & Strategies

  • Change for FIN will serve children and youth under the age of 19 who have experienced or witnessed physical and/or sexual abuse in Kingston and surrounding communities. All children and youth are treated with support, compassion, dignity, respect, and care. Their cultures, ethnicity, religions, and socio-economic statuses are all valued and respected.

  • Within the context of a collaborative, investigative process and relevant legal principles, confidentiality is paramount while responding to crimes against children and providing victims with the social and health-related community support they need and deserve.

  • Community partners work together in multi-disciplinary teams to create a warm, safe, and non-intimidating environment for children and youth to disclose their stories, be supported, and ensure referrals to community agencies.

  • Change for Fin strives to minimize stress, anxiety, and trauma to the children and their families while promoting safety, protection, and justice.

  • The centre will be equipped with interview rooms and state-of-the-art recording equipment. This documentation process preserves the child’s statement for use in the judicial process and eliminates excessive repetition of the circumstances surrounding their abuse.

  • All children, youth, and families affected by abuse will receive individualized support that includes physical and emotional care, practical assistance to navigate through the legal process, information, and referrals.

  • Change for FIN’s complementary strategy will include the implementation of prevention programming in the community. This will highlight the effects of child abuse and violence, how to recognize the signs, and how to report abuse, and how to access victim services in the legal, health, and mental health systems.